Rachel Moore

Rachel Moore, our Head Trainer, brings more than five years of experience in dog training, behavioral issues, and dog nutrition. After receiving a BA in Communications, she realized that she wanted to have a more direct impact on the world and started shadowing and volunteering for a balanced trainer in California. Being an animal lover since the start and an advocate for animal welfare, she found that through training, she could save dogs from rehoming and euthanasia. As her mentor would tell her, “saving one dog might not change the world, but for that one dog, the world changes forever.”

After moving to Alabama in 2017, she decided to network with local dog trainers at HOTC Dog Fair and found OLK9 Huntsville to be the logical next step. She has joined us full-time and completed a rigorous certification process to bring Huntsville the best training possible!

Rachel believes that she can always learn more, and each dog and situation provides a unique experience.

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