Chances are, if you have a dog, you’ve tried to teach him or her some simple tricks. This can be anything from how to shake or sit, walk on a leash, or even how to play fetch. There are some dogs who quickly learn how to perform fun, new tricks. On the other hand, there are those dogs that refuse to follow command, no matter how many Milkbones you wave in their face.

Off-Leash K9 Huntsville is here to help you train your stubborn dog who refuses to listen. We offer programs that are tailored to the exact type of training to fit your dog’s needs. Check out our website for more information on our dog obedience training and sign up for one of our programs today!

If you are determined to teach your dog some new tricks, check out our blog where we give you some helpful tips on what not to do when you train your dog at home.

The Don’ts of Dog Training

Basic dog training can be difficult, especially if your pup refuses to listen. However, if you are training your dog and nothing seems to stick (no pun intended), the problem could actually be you. Obedience training takes a lot of patience and you have to be really committed to helping your dog learn. Below are some of the common mistakes dog owners make when training their favorite pooch.

Consistency is Key

When training a dog, you need to be consistent with the commands. This doesn’t mean repeating the same command over and over again, although that’s part of it. Consistency also means you have to practice the commands with your dog on a regular basis as well as regulate your behavior.

For example, you can’t teach your dog that he or she isn’t allowed on the couch and then a couple days later decide to snuggle with your puppy while watching TV. This confuses your dog because you’re telling him or her that being on the couch is not allowed one day and the next day, you’re giving him or her love and affection, which is essentially praise, for sitting on the couch with you. This can be confusing and eventually lead to bad behavior.

Pick Your Timing

Dog’s don’t live by a schedule the way humans do; they live their lives in the moment. You have to keep this in mind when training your dog because their behavior is in response to your discouragement or praise.

Let’s say you come home from a long day of work and your dog is waiting for you at the door. You look behind him and see that he has chewed some of your pillows. Your natural response is to get angry and scold your dog, but since he’s living in the moment, he thinks you’re scolding him for sitting at the door.

The same goes for praising your pup. If you’re practicing a new trick and your dog gets it right, praise him or her right away. Your pet will associate the praise with getting the trick right and, therefore, be more likely to repeat it.

Be Confident

With dog training, you need to be confident. Your dog’s behavior is directly correlated to your mood. If you are confident, your dog will sense that and in turn, it will make him or her confident as well. Owners who are too timid during obedience training don’t usually get the results they crave. Dogs pick up on the lack of confidence and it gives them the go-ahead to not pay attention. When you are confident it shows that you are in control and your dog is more likely to listen.

These are just a few of the many tricks to aid you in your obedience training. If you have more questions, or decide that dog obedience classes might be the right route for you, contact us at Off-Leash K9 Huntsville. We offer both basic and advanced obedience training courses to help you live a happy life with a well-behaved furball.

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