There’s nothing better than having people over for a dinner party or a game night, but if you have a dog that is out of control when you have guests over, it can really put a damper on your evening. With the right tools and training, you can teach your dog to be well-behaved when you have people over to your home, and in today’s post, we will give you a few tips on how to train your dog so that he or she will leave your guests alone when they come to visit.

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Behavior Problems with Guests

Dogs love to interact with new people, but sometimes their way of interacting is off-putting for your guests. For example, some dogs will bark when people come to the door, or they will jump on your friends and family as soon as they enter your home. Behaviors like this can make it difficult for you to entertain friends and family, and in extreme cases, it may even result in you avoiding entertaining altogether.

How to Combat Bad Behavior

If you’re having issues with your dog’s behavior when friends and family come to visit, there are few things you can do.

Start Young – If you know that you will be entertaining visitors from time to time, the best thing you can do is start training early. Start with the basic commands such as “sit,” “stay,” and “leave it.” Once your dog understands those commands, you can introduce them to new people to see how they react.
Reward Good Behavior – When you have guests over, you want to be sure that you are rewarding your dog’s good behavior. We’ve talked about in previous blogs how rewarding good behavior will increase the likelihood that your pup will repeat those behaviors later on. If the problem with having guests over is that your dog jumps or begs for attention, watch your pup closely to see when they lay down or ignore the guests and then reward this behavior. When you reward your fur ball for sitting still and ignoring the visitors, they will be more likely to continue this behavior in hopes of more treats.
Have Guests Use Bland Treats – If the behavior problem is that your dog is scared or anxious around new people, show your pup that your friends are okay by having them give your dog treats. However, you still want your dog to see you as the best person in the room, so give your guests bland treats to hand out, and keep the best treats, like steak, for you to hand out yourself.

Try following these tips the next time you decide to have guests over. If you find that your dog is still misbehaving around visitors, contact Off-Leash K9 Huntsville! We offer a variety of dog training classes and our staff can give you the expert help that you need to combat your dog’s bad behavior. Browse our website to learn more, and contact Off-Leash K9 Huntsville today!

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