5 Tips to Keep Your Dogs Safe This Halloween

There are lots of things to love about Halloween, including trick-or-treating with your kids, handing out candy, watching spooky movies, going out to costume parties, going to fun carnivals or haunted trails, you name it!

However, all of these activities can sometimes lead to consequences for our furry buddies. These can include your dogs getting overwhelmed by all of the excitement and destroying things in your house, breaking out and running away, getting poisoned by candy, or even choking on or getting electrocuted by decorations.

However, armed with these tips, it’ll be easier for you to keep your dogs safe from harm while still having an awesome Halloween!

#1: Limit Noise

With lots of kids walking and running around outside trick-or-treating, making noise, and having fun combined with all of the spooky music, Halloween ambience, and yard decorations, Halloween can be very loud and alarming for your dog that’s not used to this nor understands why this is happening.

Oftentimes this can cause a lot of anxiety for your dog, which they may respond to by breaking or tearing things apart in your house, chewing on or eating things they’re not supposed to, or even breaking out and running away.

To help your dog, you can try to limit noise by placing them in a room that is more insulated from the noise and playing some calming music. Additionally, you could place your dog in a crate to give them a calm place to relax amidst all the excitement, which we’ll discuss more in the next tip.

#2: Use a Crate or Leash

Like we mentioned in the previous tip, Halloween can cause a lot of anxiety in your dog which could cause them to destroy things, hurt themselves, or others.

One surefire way to keep them safe during all of the excitement is to place your dog in a crate. To make this easier, we recommend that your dog be crate trained, which we will be discussing in a future article. When used properly, a crate acts less like a prison cell but more like a safe den where they can relax and sleep. If you combine this with the previous tip and keep them in a quiet room with some calming music, this can help as well.

If you plan on going out with your dog, it might be a good idea to take a short leash with you. Sometimes Halloween can become a crowded event and your dog can become overwhelmed. To ensure that no one harasses your dog or that your dog doesn’t hurt anyone else, a short leash can help to mitigate this risk. It could also help ensure that your dog doesn’t eat or get fed any candy while out, which leads us to our next tip.

#3: Keep Candy Away from Dogs

It’s Halloween and there’s always lots of candy flying around. There is no candy that is okay for your dog as they’re all detrimental to their teeth and overall health, but chocolate as you may be aware is particularly poisonous to dogs.

Chocolate does have varying levels of toxicity, but in general, the darker the chocolate and the smaller the dog, the more toxic it is. According to PetMD, chocolate contains substances known as methylxanthines (specifically caffeine and theobromine), which dogs are far more sensitive to than humans.

If your dog ate some chocolate and you’re worried that your dog may be poisoned, PetMD also created a tool to quantify chocolate toxicity. In general, it’s best that you just restrict your dog’s access to candy to help prevent emergency trips to the veterinarian or animal hospital.

#4: Limit Your Dog’s Access to Halloween Decorations

We all love to make our house as spooky as possible for Halloween night, but this can leave lots of opportunities for our dogs to choke on small decorations or get electrocuted by chewing on lights, which with the potential anxiety of Halloween and all the distractions, can cause this to happen even if your dog doesn’t typically chew on things around the house.

Along with the above tips, if you make it difficult to access decorations or restrict access to decorations from your dog entirely, this can help to mitigate that potential risk.

#5: ID Your Dog

While following the above tips will help to prevent your dog from running away, unfortunately, it still happens from time to time.

To increase your chances of reuniting with your dog once they run away, make sure they’re always wearing a collar with your contact information on it. You can also have your dog microchipped at the vet to include your contact information with them should they lose their collar.

There are also collars that exist now that place a GPS tracker on your dog, so should they run away, you can see where they are on a map.

Additional Training

Would you like your dog to be better behaved during Halloween or would you like help with crate training or anxiety? Give us a call or message us in the Facebook balloon in the bottom right to ask us about our dog training services. Happy Halloween!





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