Negative Effects of Spaying and Neutering Dogs Before Maturity

Going Against “Conventional Wisdom” This article is going to discuss a controversial topic in the dog owner community. We are going to address the negative effects of spaying and neutering dogs before they reach maturity.  We know that this is a sensitive topic and that there are arguments to be made for early spays and […]

Hyponatremia in Dogs and Summer Fun

Most dog owners love the summer months because they can spend precious moments with their pets. They can take them for walks, enjoy swimming and splashing in the water, and do lots of other activities that only the summer sun permits! Not only do these activities provide a lot of fun, but they also keep […]

5 Tips to Keep Your Dogs Safe This Halloween

There are lots of things to love about Halloween, including trick-or-treating with your kids, handing out candy, watching spooky movies, going out to costume parties, going to fun carnivals or haunted trails, you name it! However, all of these activities can sometimes lead to consequences for our furry buddies. These can include your dogs getting […]

5 Tips to Keep Your Dogs Safe This Summer

As the weather starts to heat up and we take our dogs out to play, there are various factors that can put them at risk, but equipped with a little knowledge, we can avoid a lot of common issues. Here are 5 that we think you should be aware of. #1: Don’t Let Your Dogs […]

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