You lead a busy life. Between school or work, running errands, cleaning, and spending time with friends, you may find it difficult to spend time with your favorite pooch. That being said, there are many benefits to spending more time with your dog, and in today’s post, we will look at a few ways that you can spend more quality time with your pooch.

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Take a Walk

Taking your dog for a walk is a necessary part of your daily routine, especially if he or she spends all day cooped up inside. With that in mind, instead of thinking of taking your dog for a walk as a chore, think of it as a chance to spend some quality time with your pup and a break from your stressful day. Additionally, if you’re finding it difficult to make regular exercise a part of your routine, taking your dog for a walk is a great way to do both!

If you’re getting tired of walking to the same places every day, try mixing it up a little. Take a short car ride to a nearby park, or maybe turn down a different street. Now that it’s getting warmer and the sun is out longer, you can even take a few extra minutes to enjoy the outdoors.

Talk to Your Pet

Believe it or not, just talking to your dog is a great way to spend time with him or her. You can even make a tedious task like washing the dishes more entertaining by just talking to your pup. Tell your favorite furball about your day, or even rant about something that happened at work just to get the anger out. Your dog will love spending time with you, and pets make the best listeners.


If you’ve had a stressful day, playing a game of fetch may be the last thing you want to do, but you deserve to take a break. Use playing as an excuse to walk away for a little while and spend some time with your pup. We’re not saying you should spend an hour tossing a ball over and over again, but if you have a few minutes to spare, playing with your pooch may be a great way to take your mind off the tasks at hand!

Enjoy a Lazy Day

On days where you don’t have any energy to get outside and play fetch or go for a walk, you can still spend time with your pup. If your only plan is staying in and watching TV or reading a good book, there’s no reason that your dog can’t join you! Invite him or her to sit with you on the couch, or the floor if the couch is off-limits, and go about your lazy day.

If you think that your dog could benefit from obedience training, Off-Leash K9 Huntsville can help! We love helping owners and dogs form a strong, lasting bond, and obedience training is a great way to do that. Check out our available dog obedience classes and contact us today to get started!