Dog Training and Winter Safety

When it comes to winter, most of us wrap up in extra layers, turn on the heating, and are more mindful when we head outside. However, when it comes to our dogs, we need to take extra responsibility to ensure that they’re not left outdoors or hanging around in cold and drafty places in our […]

Dangers of Feeding Your Dog Table Scraps

Almost every dog owner has given in to their beloved dog’s ‘puppy dog eyes’ at one time or another and given them a treat right from their plate. Dogs will sniff at what you’re eating and maybe even beg you for food, but resisting their charms is crucial. Not only could feeding your dog scraps […]

Health and Mental Well-Being in Dogs

Pets help people lower stress and anxiety levels, ease loneliness, and reduce depression. However, while we’re experiencing all of these fantastic benefits, it is essential to make sure that our dogs are in a good place mentally. In this blog post, we will explore mental health in dogs in further detail and look at the […]

Genetics in Dogs and How This Can Play a Role in Dog Training

If your dog exhibits naughty behavior, you have probably been led to believe that it is your fault, right? You have not trained them correctly. This can be enough for any dog owner to feel like they are not raising their loyal friend properly, but it is never as simple as that. There are so […]

Negative Effects of Spaying and Neutering Dogs Before Maturity

Going Against “Conventional Wisdom” This article is going to discuss a controversial topic in the dog owner community. We are going to address the negative effects of spaying and neutering dogs before they reach maturity.  We know that this is a sensitive topic and that there are arguments to be made for early spays and […]

Hyponatremia in Dogs and Summer Fun

Most dog owners love the summer months because they can spend precious moments with their pets. They can take them for walks, enjoy swimming and splashing in the water, and do lots of other activities that only the summer sun permits! Not only do these activities provide a lot of fun, but they also keep […]

What is Dog Reactivity and How Do I Deal With It?

What Is Dog Reactivity? Dog reactivity is a common behavioral issue found in many dogs, particularly younger ones who are in the process of socialization and learning about the world.  A dog is considered to be “reactive” when they are triggered by a particular person, place, event, or object and their owner is unable to […]

Understanding Fear Aggression In Dogs

What Is Fear-Based Aggression? Most dog owners are poorly trained when it comes to dealing with aggressive behaviors from their pets. Aggression in dogs expresses itself in many ways and there are actually 21 different types of dog aggression.  In this blog, we will be discussing fear-based aggression, what it is, how to recognize it […]

Dealing with Separation Anxiety in Dogs

How To Tell If Your Dog Has Separation Anxiety What Is Separation Anxiety? How Do I Know If My Dog Has It? Does your dog begin to cry and whine every time you leave the house? Do they act out and chew up your furniture or have accidents when you’re away, even if you’ve only […]

Why is Dog Training Important

A Special Note For First Time Dog Owners If you’re a first time dog owner, congratulations!  You’re about to begin the journey of a lifetime with your new pup. It should be no surprise that when you bring a dog into your home and family for the first time there’s a lot to learn.  Much […]

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