Do you want to feel completely in-sync and build a lifelong bond with your pooch? At Off-Leash K9 Training Huntsville, we specialize in providing basic and advanced obedience training to all dogs, even if they have aggressive tendencies. We make it our personal responsibility to create lasting, strong bonds between dogs and their owners through the use of incredibly effective training techniques. We provide expertly-crafted service packages to meet every dog owner’s needs, from basic obedience packages to two-week board and training packages for aggressive dogs. We also offer puppy obedience training classes to give your sweet new puppy a head-start on their good behavior!

Our facility is perfectly geared towards K9 training, with more than 4,500 square feet of indoor space and more than 35 acres of outdoor open space. We are certain that you and your beloved barker will love bonding through obedience training at Off-Leash. Our training style is unique because we guarantee to teach your dog basic commands as well as advanced commands that are performed off-leash, with distractions. Our facility fits our unique style by offering a large space that allows dogs to learn the commands without being leashed.

At Off-Leash K9 Training Huntsville, we love dogs! We truly believe that every dog is capable of being a valued, enjoyable member of the family. Don’t let your concerns about your dog’s aggression cause you so much stress that you consider finding a new home for your pet — allow us to transform your pooch into a well-behaved, easy to manage pet!

Contact us today to learn more about our programs or schedule our services. We look forward to training your beloved pet and helping you build a trusting bond with them.